On Jan. 21, hundreds of citizens in Cortez protested for women’s rights and other problems in our country. Men, women, and children marched through a blizzard to protest.

  Across the United States millions of people have protested for many reasons concerning the recently inaugurated president Donald J. Trump. #Not My President has been trending on social media since the election with a lot of angry citizens and non - supporters of Trump.

  In Cortez, the march was promoted for weeks around the city, and hundreds of people showed up with signs that had messages written on them, such as “not my president,” and an inspiring quote by the famous poet Maya Angelou: “You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, and you may kill me with your hatefulness, still like the air, I’ll rise.”

 In Denver more than 100,000 people protested for the same reasons. Many citizens are worried because President Trump plans to repeal the current health care plan. The media has shown many different sides of Trump over the past year such as racial and sexual remarks, which infuriated thousands including some celebrities.

  The rock band Green Day Chanted “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA” during a concert on live TV on November 21, 2016.

  The people of the United States have a lot of questions about Trump’s plans. What is he going to do about the wars? What is his plan to make up with former allies? How will he repair our economic disaster? Only time will tell. A lot of people are wanting Trump to fail, but maybe he can prove himself in the years ahead and really “make America great again.”

Senior Jessie Lopez waits for the United Blood Services technician to stick a needle in his arm on Jan. 31.

The 2017 prom was a night to remember, organized by the Prom Committee, five juniors who planned everything from the Grand March to the DJ under the supervision of Marla Sitton, junior class sponsor.
The prom has always been organized by the junior class as a thank you to the graduating senior class for their leadership and service to the school and the student body. This thank you is embodied in the “passing of the torch” ceremony which occurred at the dance.
Olivia Story, Josie Sitton, Hanna Carver, Danae Thompson, and Kacie Featherman are juniors who made up the Prom Committee, started organizing for prom in January, with the real work starting late February.
The theme, “Moonlit Ball,” was one of three options offered to the senior class. The three choices, Moonlit Ball, Fairy Tail, and Stroke of Midnight, were created by the Prom Committee, who “wanted something elegant” said Olivia Story.
But planning a major event such as prom is no walk in the park. The hardest part in organizing it was “having time to set up the dance” said Danae Thompson.
Some difficulties arose as well, ranging from lack of time to hate from the student body. But this was made up for being able to “see everything set up and done” said
Kacie Featherman.
For next year’s Prom Committee, Olivia Story says to “communicate with seniors,” and “don’t be afraid to ask for help.”​

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Citizens in Cortez and across the country marched on Jan. 21 to protest President Trump and his policies.

Cortezians march for unity

Dante Downey, Staff Reporter

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Kayleen Boggs celebrates with fellow prom royalty, Skylar Yarbrough, at the Grand March after being crowned Queen.

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2016 after prom memories

Senior Gabby Begay jokes with Ubie, the United Blood Services Mascot. 

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Senior Brooklynn Kibel winces as the nurse inserts the needle into the vein at the inside of her elbow. Each person who donated gave one unit of blood, about one pint.

Blood spills in gymnasium

Madison Mahaffey, Staff Reporter,  All photos credit Nizhoni Yazzie 

Photo credit: Nizhoni Yazzie



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​Juniors William McLaughlin and Allyce Griffith party hard at the “Moonlit Ball”.

Seniors dance under the moonlight

​Madison Mahaffey, Staff Reporter

Staff leave big shoes to fill

​Garrett Damron, Editor In Chief

2016 after prom memories

Photo credit: Gabby Begay

 Several staff members are leaving
M-CHS between the 2016-2017 and the 2017-2018 school years. Mrs. Terri Carlson, Mr. Rodney Ritthaler, Mrs. Susanna Gaddy, and Mrs. Betty Ray are all retiring for various reasons from family to experiencing the world while they still have the time to do so.
Terri Carlson, Vice Principal secretary, has been with M-CHS for 11 years and is retiring to take care of her parents. “I loved working with RE-1 and hope to be remembered as a person that loved and cared about the
school,” said Carlson.

Orion Rainer, the senior who recites the pledge each morning, said that “Mrs. Carlson is the reason I show up in the morning. She really brightens up my day.”
Rodney Ritthaler, band teacher of the middle and high school, is retiring after 28 years with the district. He is retiring to “pursue other interests in life while [he]
In regards to working with the high school Ritthaler said, “I have had the pleasure of having some of the best students this school has had to offer and I am  thankful for having been a part of their lives, and hopefully a lifelong inspiration to them. I have had the pleasure of having the best parent/ booster organization  ever throughout my tenure here.”
Ritthaler hopes to be remembered as “a dedicated educator, whose commitment and sacrifice for the cause brought pride to the students, this district, and this community”
As for his replacement, Ms. Katie Zdanowski, he believes that the band will “continue to be as strong as ever. She brings new energy to the group, and new ideas to make them stronger than ever.”
Thom O’Shields, sophomore tuba player, said he is “excited about Ms. Zdanowski becoming the head of the band because she primarily plays the tuba. ” He was unsure about the future of jazz band however because Ritthaler has primarily been the head of the jazz band.
Susanna Gaddy, credit recovery teacher, has worked with the school for eight years. Gaddy would like to be remembered “as someone who cared about her students and tried to instill a love for learning about everything in them [and as] someone who fought for her students and tried her best to make sure they were safe and comfortable at the school.”
She said that she is retiring because her husband accepted a job in Arkansas. She will be living outside of Fort Smith in the Quachita National Forest on the Quachita River.
Gaddy said her “time at M-CHS has been extremely rewarding. “I will remember my students and even though they could be trying at times, they were always a blessing in my life and will always remain in my mind and heart.
The staff at M-CHS was always helpful and caring; they are here for the students and care about their futures.”
Principal Jason Wayman said these loyal faculty members devoted time at the school to developing programs that help students succeed.The school will dearly miss the memories that it has shared with these faculty members.

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February 17- U.S Air Force Academy band concert in Ralph E. Vavak theatre

February 20- President’s Day, no school

February 20-14- FFA Week

February 28- Mardi Gras

February 28- Spring Choir Concert in Ralph E. Vavak theatre

March 2- Parent Teacher Conferences

March 3- Parent Teacher Conferences, no school. End of third quarter.

March 6- CMU Media Days with Mrs. McVicker

March 7- San Juan College Tour

March 8- ASVAB Exam in Library

March 10,11,17,18- Once Upon a Mattress play by Drama Department, Ralph E. Vavak theatre

March 20-26- Spring Break

March 28- Spring Band Concert in Ralph E. Vavak theatre

April 4- Poisson d’Auril

April 5-6- Honors Diploma Presentations

April 6-9- Media Trip to Seattle

April 8- ACT Test in M-CHS Library

April 8- Southwest Colorado Concert, Ralph E. Vavak theatre

April 22- M-CHS Grand March, Prom, & After Prom

April 27- Inter-Mountain League Choir festival, art collaborative show, & collaborative choir show in Bayfield April 27- FFA Chapter banquet at M-CHS April 28- Gathering of Nations NAC Field Trip to Albuquerque, NM

April 28- Professional Development, No school

April 29- Southwest Colorado Concert, Ralph E. Vavak theatre