This semester, a new superintendent is being welcomed into the RE-1 school district. Lori Haukeness, a 22-year district veteran, has replaced Alex Carter as the head of the district.

  Alex Carter left the district at the end of February to work with the Colorado Education Initiative and the school district went into disarray.

  Lori Haukeness, the former assistant superintendent was to temporarily take over Carter’s position until July of this year.

  After reviewing  14 other applicants, the school board unanimously voted Mrs. Haukeness to be the permanent replacement for Mr. Carter.

  Mrs. Haukeness’s biggest selling points are her plans for student transition from middle school into high school and to “improve communication between the schools and the community.”

  Haukeness said “It will be a privilege to support the teachers and students” of the RE-1 school district, and she “recognize[s] the challenges our students face, and the importance of providing an education which will support them in their future endeavors.”   She said Mr. Carter made a “positive impact” in the school district because of his efforts in building the new high school campus.

  Veteran teachers were uneasy when approached for their opinions of Mrs. Haukeness taking over the position, with one saying “it’s best to not bite the hand that feeds you.”

  The position of assistant superintendent will be filled later in May.

  Lori Haukeness brings her ideas into the position of superintendent of the RE-1 school district for the foreseeable future and dictates the path   M-CHS will follow for the coming years. 

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​Los Angeles and Grand Junction trips triumph Bridgett Damron, Bussiness Manger

Performing in front of a live audience, cast members of the play Big Fish demonstrate skill and cooperation in their roles on stage.

Yuan Yuan Chen: “What I would like to say is please work hard! Try your best to do all the work, keep your GPA high and respect all of your teachers! Do not disappoint your parents. Please take the ACT seriously; it is a very important test if you would like to go to college.”

A whale of a tale for M-CHS Drama Julia Damore-Rome, Lifestyle Writer 

M-CHS students and other passengers on American Airlines flight enjoy a  view of the beautiful ocean over sunny Callifornia skies as they leave LA to fly back to Albuqerque on Sunday morning, April 17.

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Daniel Wagner, Julia Damore-Rome, Louis Gonzales, Bridgett Damron, and Katelyn Bancroft on the way back to the Milner Hotel on Flower Street finished a day filled with workshops and guest speakers at the journalism covention in LA.

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Senior advice

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Photo credits: Bridgett Damron

Photo credit: Bridgett Damron

Prom royalty unveiled

Daniel Wagner, Editor-in-Chief

Lori Haukeness becomes new superintendent of the RE-1 school district

Garrett Damron, Managing Editor

Tashena Martinez: “Hurry up and make a plan for your senior essay.  Plan ahead and don’t procrastinate. I know we all want to get out of here, but the only way to get out of this school is to do the work and graduate. Just finish the school year and do good on your assignments.”

Photo credits: Mrs. McVicker

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Elier Quezada: “Don’t ditch and do all of your work. If I could go back to high school, I would have missed less school and I would have worked extra hard.”

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  The first prom at the new M-CHS campus was a major success, with both seniors and juniors enjoying every activity that was presented.

  The “grand march,” which took place in the Ralph E. Vavak theatre, was the first major event  at the prom, showcasing practically every couple that attended the event, including the “royalty couples” who were nominated for prom king and queen.

  Seniors David Gonzales and Raquel Lucero won the royalty during the  march, but they said that they did not expect to become king and queen.
  “I wasn’t expecting as many teachers to nominate me, nor as many juniors to vote for us,” said David.
  The theme of the main prom was based off of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, using donated oak trees to present a more lively and romantic theme. Senior Julia Damore-Rome said “the trees were cool and gave the dance more authenticity.”
  Students were able to make the best of the music that was played by J.R. Stafford, the local DJ, although some students claimed that the music was a bit outdated and out of place.
  Junior Galilea Chadborn said, “these are the songs that I listened to in my middle school years, and they were a bit too old for me to dance to anymore.”
  Another big event, aside from the main prom, was the third annual “afterprom,” where those who attended after the main dance could participate in a variety of events in both the main and auxiliary gyms, and have a chance to win different door prizes.
  The activities included a laser tag stadium, a bouncy
house/boxing ring, a mechanical bull, karaoke, and a “casino room” with multiple card and board games. Snacks included pizza, chips, soda, and breakfast burritos provided by math teacher Mrs. Wisenbaker.
  Senior Ryan Jackson said the after-prom was the event he enjoyed the most, and wished it was part of the main prom.
  “It would’ve given students a better incentive to stay much longer if all these activities were integrated
with the dance,” Jackson also said.

  With the prom over, the students have less than one month to finish off the end of the school year. It is likely that most students will remember this night for a long time after their high school years are over

Paola Leon: “I would say that you should come to school to have fun, but stay productive. If you slack off in your freshman year then your senior year is going to be crappy.  If I could do one thing over again, it would be drama; it really helped me get out of my shell.”

At the Santa Monica Pier street preformers catch the attention of M-CHS students and other tourists heading to the beach. A young man does a backflip over five people, mimics Michael Jackson hip hop dancing, and entertains the crowd with comic commentary. See the full video on facebook/pantherpress.

Photo credit: Julia Damore-Rome

Kristin Pierce: “Enjoy it because time flies. Have fun and stay involved with as many activities as possible.  Don’t ignore new activities to enjoy.”

Leland Belone: “Enjoy it while you can. Graduation will come sooner then you think, so have fun.” 

The school board unanimously voted Mrs. Haukeness to be the permanent replacement for Mr. Carter.

Important Upcoming

End of the Year Dates!

Juan Renteria: “Some advice I would give is to do the least amount of procrastinating as possible and get all your credits as soon as possible so that your senior year will be a breeze. I would’ve gotten into more school activities so I could add it to college applications.”

May 18th: All Library books due/ 12:15 PM Rumble in the Jungle
May 19th: Senior Finals 2/4/6/ Band Senior Appreciation 7PM 
May 20th: Senior Finals 1/3/5/ Senior Check Out 6th, Impulsive  Improvisers Show
May 23rd: Senior Picnic 11:30-2:30/ Finals 2/4/6
May 24th: Finals 1/3/5/ M-CHS Awards Night - Ralph E.Vavak  Theatre 6:30 PM
May 25th: Last day of School - Student Checkout, Release at 12PM/ Baccalaureate - Ralph E. Vavak Theatre 6:30PM
May 26th: 10:30 AM Graduation Practice (Band, Seniors, Admin Team, Higgins, Maintenance, Guest Speakers) / 1-3PM Staff Checkout/ 5:30 Seniors arrive at CMS/ 5:45 Staff arries at CMS/ 6:30 PM Class of 2016 Graduation Ceremony, Panther Field

Don’t miss the M-CHS graduation ceremony at the Panther Field 6:30 pm, Thursday, May 26!

David Gonzales and Raquel Lucero enjoy the spoils of prom royalty with their friends, as the crowd dances the night away.

​David Gonzales and Kaleb Burris perform an entertaining scene On opening night which depicts  Karl the Giant finally coming out of his shell with the help of Edward 

Photo Credits: Buddy Brown

  ​Journalism and yearbook students traveled to Los Angeles and Grand Junction this year to attend national and local conferences sponsored in part by JEA (Journalism Education Association) and NSPA (National Student Press Association).

  April 14-17 the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in downtown LA hosted the 2016 National High School Jornalism Convention with an attendance of over 4,000 participants.

  In addition to the LA trip, these students also participated in the 2016 Media Days held at CMU in Grand Junction on March 7 where they brought home several awards.

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M-CHS freshman Bridgett Damron along with other journalism students from schools on the western slope attend workshops that answer questions they have about ethics and law during the annual media day at Mesa State University in Grand Junction, Colorado on March 7.

​Seniors offer advice for underclassmen Bridgett Damron, Business Manager

  The M-CHS Drama Department’s spring musical Big Fish production held on March 11, 12, 18 and 19, made a splash in the community.

  The beloved musical depicts the life of Edward Bloom, a man who befriends a giant, meets a witch, and even saves a town!

  At times the audience roared with laughter. Other times they wiped away a tear. A truly spectacular array of emotion was exhibited by both actor and audience member.

  Junior Kelli Cook said “you became emotionally involved so quickly.”

  Theatre department director Mr. Sandner said “the show was well perceived by the community, and the students had a lot of fun.”

  A great deal of time and energy was put into the play. Kaleb Burris, who played Karl the Giant, said “during tech week and dress rehearsal, we sometimes practiced till 11:30 p.m.’’

  With only three months of building sets, choreographing routines and rehearsing lines, the drama department was   able to  put it all together.

  Liv Story, who played Sandra Bloom said “the play was larger than life: it had a big impact on everyone and everything.” “It will stick with us forever,” said Michelle Hoy, who played Josephine Bloom.

  Ryan Jackson said it taught him to be more comfortable putting himself in the outside world. From a tech perspective, junior Baily Ford found that both projection and animation were successful.

  A unique feature of this play was its pit orchestra. Fourteen talented musicians, directed by the choir teacher Mrs.  Sitton, provided a live score for the musical. Trumpet player Raquel Lucero said “everyone put in so much hard work, from beginning to end; I wish I’d done more plays.”

  David Gonzales, who played Edward Bloom, hopes the play will “encourage people to join the drama department, viewing or participating.”

  Hats off to all the technicians, actors, crew members, musicians, and attendees for being part of the show.



Hannah Sanchez: “Don't care so much about what everyone else is doing or what anybody thinks of you. Do the things that you want to do for yourself. Join a sport or a club.  Keep trying new things or you'll regret not doing them at all. Try to be kind to everyone and make new friends.” 

During the recognition luncheon, Cortez receives awards including Best Sports News/Feature, Best News Photography, Best Full-Page Newspaper, Best Yearbook Copy, and Best All Around Yearbook for their submissions to the CUM Media Days annual competition among more than 20 local high schools on the western slope.