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Sophomore succeeds in school
By Sadie Veach
Samantha King is a transfer student in her sophomore year at M-CHS. She is in the top of all of her classes and ranks 138 out of 156(156 being the best) in her class. “She sticks her ground in a class almost full of boys,” said Mrs. Thiel, Samantha’s English teacher. “She’s always trying to get better.” Samantha said by “[putting] my priorities first and [doing] all my work” she has “maintained a 4.0 GPA” and she spends “about two to three hours studying.” Samantha is a “very smart, lovely student,” said Mrs. Thiel. “She always participates and is very involved.”

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Freshmen realize responsibilities
 Kesha Begay   
For M-CHS freshmen are  having is the scariest years because the high school is more serious with more responsibly. in middle school there are less things to worried about freshmen alleigh simpson said "grades matter in high school.
There are alot of trust for freshmens justys shaffer said"i like getting to go off campus at lunch"high school semms fun but for the newcomer it's stressful.grades are hard to keep up freshmen mya blood said she stress about grades".
Principal .Waymen said,"friends and grades" might be why freshmen's stress out about high school. 

Creative Cooks in Catering
By Daniel Wirth
The interests of students and teachers current favorite meals in Montezuma Cortez High School catering class is a handful of different unique meals, ranging from salsa to fettuccine alfredo to burritos.
The catering class is filled with unique personalities, students tried making their favorite meal at home. Senior Leslie Lang made salsa and said it, "turned out great.” Senior Jackson Byerly made tacos and said they, "turned out amazing.” Senior Jaden Lane made salsa and said, “It turned out well but its not as spicy.” 
Junior Matthew Grimes made burgers and said it, "turned out pretty good.” Senior Nathan John said he likes to make breakfast burritos because "everyone can try one.” Senior Kailey Case said she likes to make salsa because “you can really show your creativity.”

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Author: Nicole Begay
Learning Spanish for beginners
 The Students at M-CHS are currently learning something new in Spanish Class, so they can learn something other than their own language.
“In Spanish class we learn something new vocabulary everyday”, said freshmen Sariah Robinson. two out of five speak the language somewhere off school campus. “At soccer”, said sophomore Cavin Martinez, and “At home, for practice”, said Junior Angelo Quinonez.
About four out of five have chosen this class for a college requirement, “I picked Spanish because most colleges require a language.”, said Sariah Robinson. “Yes, because I get to learn something new”, said Siren Utecht, according to the rest of the students, Mr. Omar’s Spanish class can be fun.