Relationships between students and teachers in M-CHS are shaky at best, nonexistent at worst. Teachers in the school fail to support their students, while students fail to succeed because they don’t put in the necessary effort.

  A lot of students don’t care about their education because they fail to see a point in most of the curriculum. Students are overly focused on their careers, and ignore the idea of becoming a well rounded individual with the ability to learn and think critically. Teachers try to encourage students by opening a door to a bright future, but kids turn their backs, slam the door and miss that opportunity.

  Students are shoved into careers by pressure from family. Students have tunnel vision and ignore everything that isn’t directly affecting their futures. They don’t see a point in learning about literature or science if they are going to herd cows until they die. It’s difficult for teachers to make students see the connection between the educational material and student’s lives because of this.  Another major problem between teachers and students is teacher detachment from students’ lives. Students aren’t supported by teachers to have new experiences. Grades are overly emphasized and overly prioritized. Students cannot grow as people when their grades hold them back. Teachers need to encourage students to learn, but they also need to support the blooming talents and passions of the students.

  On the other hand, students are under appreciative of teachers efforts, often neglecting homework assignments and becoming too expectant of teachers to coddle them. Students need to try to learn in their classes because they cannot hope to become successful people without the knowledge and thinking skills they acquire in their classes.

  Teachers are not merely here to turn students into mindless robots, their job is quite the opposite: to teach students to learn, think, and become prosperous individuals. However, if the relationship between students and teachers does not improve, then it will be impossible for teachers to help students grow and become successful.

  The relationship can improve through an increase in student effort and a decrease in pampering from teachers.




Teachers can’t connect with students

Students don’t care

Panther Press Staff