Tackling the math quest
By: Brigt Winbury
Is geometry and algebra class helping students or just a waste of time? A math class goes on for just two or three semesters at Montezuma-Cortez High School. There are some who like math and some who don’t.
Sophomore Caleb Neighbor said, “ I am learning recursive formulas in geometry class and I do not like what we are learning as of right now.” Sophomore Tianna Parker said, “ We are learning about how to draw triangles and using a ball bearing compass to draw identical triangles, and I don’t like it so far.”
 Senior Letisha Martinez is also learning about triangles, she said “ I am learning triangle properties and I do not like it.” Another senior Jessie Lopez said,” I am learning ratios but I do not like it.” Freshman Nicolette Charley said, “ I am learning distributive properties in algebra 1, I do like it because I know the majority of it.”
Most students do not like anything about math but two of the three like a couple of things about it. Sophomore Caleb Neighbor and Tianna Parker in geometry class likes addition and multiplication because it’s easy.