Running into season
By Ayanna Silas
Coach Paul Koops, the head coach, has a new assistant coach this season. Will this improve or worsening times from last year? Runners want to be better than last season.
Cross country season started in the beginning of August and will be ending at the end of October. On Mondays, they usually do a harder workout which includes; intervals, and hills.
Tuesdays, the team goes on a long hard run to run out the soreness. Wednesdays consist of intervals or a timed long run. Thursday and Friday are easier days due to upcoming competitions.
The coaching method is the same as last year, but changing some warm-ups, stretches, and ab workouts. The team has some injuries like shin splints, “Injuries are a problem because we don’t have many runners” said sophomore John Whyte.
Mr. Koops has the team doing a swim workout, on the bike or the elliptical in order to get better. Cross country is focused on endurance, “The team is pushing themselves and others to perform better,” said John.

Sasha Serna
September 28, 2018
Volleyball is fun!
Most of the volleyball players think volleyball is fun, which is why they play. Volleyball is a “sport that keeps you on your toes.” said freshman Avery Wright.  
 Being good at a position such as outside hitter and middle back row/front hitter is important. There will be times you make a mistake but as Junior Malia Begay said “It's better to learn from your mistakes then push the whole team down.”
M-CHS players are passionate about the sport and won’t let the team down. ”Being in a team means no attitudes and keeping a positive vibe.” said sophomore Kylee Lake.